5 Improved Features of Spectrum Protect (TSM)

First some housekeeping, Spectrum Protect is the new name for the artist formerly known as "TSM". This is a part of a major rebranding effort by IBM, click here for more information. Throughout this document, Spectrum Protect and TSM will be used interchangeably. Five New Spectrum Protect Features that will transform your environment and get...
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Is “SMARTER IT” just a marketing spin?

SmarterITFor some, yes, but I believe it is more. I believe it is the rare occurrence when a shift in technology corresponds with a shift in critical/business thinking. It is the idea that a unified, collaborative and informed effort can make a real and impactful difference...
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Getting Your Feet Wet: Steps to Cloud Migration

CloudAccording to the Verizon State of the Market Enterprise Cloud Report, 65% of today’s businesses are using the cloud. If your business is contemplating a move to the cloud, keep in mind that it’s sometimes best to dip your toes in the water first instead...

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