Vendors Signaling a Critical Intel Clock Defect

Solutions II was notified by Cisco, one of the first manufacturers to come forward with the problem, regarding an Intel Atom C2000 Series defect. Solutions II engineering uncovered the issue early February and continues to gather additional data. We wanted to make sure to notify our clients and offer what is known at this time. If your…
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IT Security – Is Best of Breed a One-Stop Shop?

In IT Security, or any aspect of IT, we often refer to products as “best of breed”. I’ve always wondered how a phrase that traditionally refers to animals got added to the IT lexicon. Dog shows award prizes for best of breed and best of show. Typically, the same dog does not win the next…
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911: What is your Emergency?

A comforting phrase when we need help. In many cases it is a matter of life or death. Whether it’s a fire & rescue, police or medical emergency services, precious seconds can seem like hours to those in a crisis situation and rightfully so... Rightfully so. Did You Know? There are approximately 6,100 call centers throughout…
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What You Don’t Know About TSM Retention Can Cost You

I have worked with Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for many years, way back when it would run on an AS400 using PASE. Even after all these years, retention is a HUGE part of TSM. TSM retention can be somewhat confusing whether you are a seasoned TSM admin or a customer just trying to understand what the TSM…
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Is Your Backup Data Secure?

With all the focus on hackers today it’s easy to forget that backup data can provide much of the information that hackers are after.  It’s very possible to have a large security gap when tapes are shipping off site. Many backup products are nothing more than automated copy. The data on the tape could be…
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Is “SMARTER IT” just a marketing spin?

For some, yes, but I believe it is more. I believe it is the rare occurrence when a shift in technology corresponds with a shift in critical/business thinking. It is the idea that a unified, collaborative and informed effort can make a real and impactful difference globally. Today, we have the ability to move beyond…
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5 Improved Features of Spectrum Protect (TSM)

First some housekeeping, Spectrum Protect is the new name for the artist formerly known as "TSM". This is a part of a major rebranding effort by IBM, click here for more information. Throughout this document, Spectrum Protect and TSM will be used interchangeably. Five New Spectrum Protect Features that will transform your environment and get you…
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Several of our clients run Red Hat Linux Operating Systems. So, when reading this headline about a cloud security company which was just purchased by Red Hat for a cool $250 million, I thought I’d report on why this is kind of a big deal. If you were just about to stop reading, allow me…
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As businesses embrace the digital information age and the diverse tool sets to engage with the community many have found these very tool sets can be a double edged sword with potentially devastating effects. Remember when HBO had sensitive information regarding one of its hottest shows Game of Thrones find its way onto Twitter?? Today businesses have…
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