Security Solutions

Solutions II has a dedicated services practice with capabilities in Endpoint Security, SIEM, Firewall, IDS/IPS and Vulnerability Assessments. This practice provides a natural extension to Business Continuity, Virtualization and Data Lifecycle Management.

Managed Services for Security

IT is under enormous pressure to maintain environments that are growing at an exponential pace, while continuing to align with business goals. Solutions II can provide an added level of confidence to your IT team by providing Security Services with experts. Our managed services will deliver continuous operational assistance and day-to-day “best practice” administration to ensure solid data protection, increase your efficiency and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Leverage our expertise from over 20 years of business!


  • Service Level Agreements tailored to your needs
  • Solutions II monitors your systems 24/7 and proactively notifies you of issues before they disrupt your business
  • Quick Incident Response
  • Standard and customizable reporting
  • Provides expertise to help meet changing business demands by facilitating operational efficiency and flexibility
  • Enable growth - Get the needed visibility, control, security intelligence, and automation to take your business to the next level

Network Assessment, Planning and Design

Solutions II’s assessment services provide our clients with a thorough analysis of your network’s performance and stability, it’s strengths and weaknesses and obstacles to achieving optimal performance.

Planning and Designing Services
Solutions II engineers have years of expertise in planning and designing a solution that is proven, tested and reliable. Prior to implementation, our engineers have fully verified and tested your solution to ensure that it still meets all of your businesses objectives.


  • Gives IT management a clear understanding as to whether the current design, architecture and network performance is meeting business requirements and needs.
  • Provides sound recommendations on how to overcome network issues and present a clear plan for moving forward.
  • Have a recorded, in-depth analysis of the existing network infrastructure for future reference.

More Information

IT Security: Maintaining IT Focus to Minimize Risk and Vulnerability

Solutions II has a dedicated services practice with capabilities in Endpoint Security, SIEM, Firewall, IDS/IPS and Vulnerability Assessments.