Are you going through a Business Transformation?

A lot of companies are going through business transformations to ensure they remain relevant to their Clients and in their industries. What IT challenges are you facing in your transformation? Click here to watch Solutions II's President and CEO, Todd Bowling, discuss Solutions II's Business Transformation during IBM's PartnerWorld Leadership Conference last week.
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Outsourcing: How vital is it to small businesses looking to compete globally?

When it comes to competition either across the world or via the internet marketplace, can smaller companies afford to compete globally with larger corporations without outsourcing important business functions such as IT? What are your thoughts in regards to the three questions, posed to address, this issue referenced on While outsourcing can be a…
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TCO of Cloud Technology from the CFO’s Point of View

Here’s an interesting point of view on the TCO on Cloud Technology from an article on Q: I’m a finance officer, not a technologist. Can you guarantee that the total cost of ownership for the cloud is lower than what I’m already spending for my on-premises IT? A: That depends upon what you’re already…
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Is Your IT Department a Strategic Partner for Business?

Is your IT Department Viewed as able to Drive Business Grown in New Areas or Just to Increase Effeciencies? What do you think of this study referenced in an article from “A study by Juniper Networks and the Economist Business Unit finds that IT is succeeding at improving the efficiency of business processes, but…
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Is Tape a Dead Technology?

We have noticed a trend with some of our Clients lately. They are purchasing less tape drives and moving to VTL, Snapshots and Disk Archives. Most Clients tell us that the cost of new tape drives and tapes, along with the services to store these tapes, help justify the cost of disk-based solutions. Add in…
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