911: What is your Emergency?

A comforting phrase when we need help. In many cases it is a matter of life or death. Whether it’s a fire & rescue, police or medical emergency services, precious seconds can seem like hours to those in a crisis situation and rightfully so... Rightfully so. Did You Know? There are approximately 6,100 call centers throughout…
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Is Data in Your Backup Recoverable? Are You Sure?

Are you actively testing your backup processes against your Restore Time and Restore Point Objectives (RTO/RPO)? How long can you afford to lose access to your data? How much data can you afford to lose? What is the cost to your business if you cannot recover your data or it takes too long? Three Basic Steps to Ensure…
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What You Don’t Know About TSM Retention Can Cost You

I have worked with Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) for many years, way back when it would run on an AS400 using PASE. Even after all these years, retention is a HUGE part of TSM. TSM retention can be somewhat confusing whether you are a seasoned TSM admin or a customer just trying to understand what the TSM…
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