Is Tape a Dead Technology?

We have noticed a trend with some of our Clients lately. They are purchasing less tape drives and moving to VTL, Snapshots and Disk Archives. Most Clients tell us that the cost of new tape drives and tapes, along with the services to store these tapes, help justify the cost of disk-based solutions. Add in…
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Results That Matter: A Look at a Client’s Success!

Here’s a quick follow up to the hospital in the midst of changing their backup environment: 90 days into the conversion, 38% of the servers have been migrated to the new backup software. The backup infrastructure went from 3 backup servers to 7 backup servers. Senior management has also mandated that all of the remaining…
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Looking to make a change to your backup software? Avoid the pitfalls!

With how quickly technology is moving, is your data still protected how the business requires? Do you need to invest additional budget to fix the problem, or is it time to look for another solution? What and how do you choose? Often times companies are un-clear as the right path to help address these questions. …
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