911: What is Your Emergency?

The phrase "911: What is Your Emergency?" is something we often take for granted and a comforting one when we need help! Whether it’s a fire & rescue, police or medical emergency service, precious seconds can seem like hours to those in a crisis situation and rightfully so... Rightfully so. In many cases, it is…
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Zero Trust Approach to Security

Organizations must discard the old model of ‘trust but verify’ which relied on well-defined boundaries. The new model of “Zero Trust” mandates a ‘never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege” approach from inside and outside the network.

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What is Technical Debt?

Technical Debt is a concept that we've heard a lot about. It conceptualizes the trade-off between the short-term benefit of rapid delivery versus long-term value. Once a company makes the trade-off for rapid delivery without fully weighing the longer-term implications, they create a level of technical debt that will need to be serviced. Much like…
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