Data Center

Data Centers are the heart of every organization. Solutions for the data center can be anything from upgrades, security posture, backup and recovery, virtualization, and on and on. Solutions II started as a company revolutionizing your data center in 1992. We have spent 25+ years adding solutions that support the heart of your business. Our goal is to assist your IT team in doing more by achieving business goals even with your limited resources and budget.

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Solutions II offers our gaming clients exceptional service through our comprehensive services methodology. We maintain numerous vendor certifications. Our hands-on experience prepares us to design, deploy, and manage complex multi-vendor environments. Solutions II works one-on-one with clients to understand and meet their unique needs. We assess environments, conduct impact analyses, and efficiently manage projects, delivering results on time and within budget.
Solutions II provides a comprehensive portfolio of security and networking tools. Our offerings include vulnerability management, endpoint protection, event dashboards, firewall technologies, and other edge protection solutions. We design our security services to protect mission-critical assets from increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats while saving companies money. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring, enabling us to quickly identify, analyze, and respond to security threats.
Solutions II can provide assessments regarding your backups and disaster recovery plan, security and on your virtual environment. Often times, technical expertise is stretched too thin and assessments allow you to understand where your organization's IT department is today.
Solutions II understands that business continuity is vital to running a successful organization. Our Business Continuance practice empowers clients to fully recover their environment, ensure high availability, security, and compliance with current regulations. We offer Service+Protect, a managed backup and recovery service. Service+Protect provides architecture design, implementation, migration, and support for your data center while focusing on security and maintaining industry regulation compliance. We align business processes with technology to give our clients a competitive edge.
Solutions II provides virtualization solutions that help organizations change the way they deploy and manage resources. Our virtualization solutions simplify and accelerate how your IT team responds to changing business requirements. With virtualization, your business can run multiple applications and operating systems on a single server while attaching many virtual hosts to highly available storage systems. Administrators can quickly move workloads from one virtual workspace to another, prioritizing business needs while optimizing servers and maintaining high availability.