Is “SMARTER IT” just a marketing spin?

SmarterITFor some, yes, but I believe it is more. I believe it is the rare occurrence when a shift in technology corresponds with a shift in critical/business thinking. It is the idea that a unified, collaborative and informed effort can make a real and impactful difference globally. Today, we have the ability to move beyond a confining thought process. No longer does a tragic “event” have to occur for everyone to rally and design a solution, only solving problems of the past. It is time to start solving for the future...future opportunities like determining which cancer clinical trial out of 190,000+ trials has the best likelihood of being successful for the patient in need.


SMARTER IT is almost ethereal and can more easily work towards the “greater good”. Technology can now use its never-ending, untapped natural resource of information/data as the pivot point to change the way we think, act and behave. IT allows us the opportunity to do something special, to make a difference and to elevate the traditional business paradigm thus freeing us from the bondage of a legacy mindset…..IT has a new found "purpose.”

No longer do IT professionals just do IT. SMARTER IT is an essential building block and a unique differentiator. We are simply preforming ahead of the curve. No longer do you need to struggle explaining what it means to be an IT engineer or an IT architect. We are IT professionals making a difference.

Go make the world a better place! REALLY, you can make a difference!

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