Solutions II has experience working with over 100 gaming properties across the U.S. We are licensed in numerous regulatory jurisdictions and work with both tribal and non-tribal agencies. Our understanding of gaming regulations ensures a trouble-free acquisition and deployment process. Solutions II is staffed with engineers, project managers, and salespeople who have specialized knowledge of the technology and applications used in the gaming industry which dramatically reduces the risk of complex technology solutions. Solutions II offers technology solutions that are secure, highly available, compliant and enable digital transformation.

Solutions II's commitment to the gaming industry is showcased through our Client Advisory Board. We host meetings throughout the year with our clients and industry leaders to discuss issues related to the industry. This provides insight for Solutions II into how to best address the complex issues that surround our gaming clients and provide input on Solutions II strategies and operations.

Commercial Gaming

The commercial gaming industry continues to grow, in revenue and in locations - both physical and online. This growth is plagued with challenges, from aging IT infrastructure, difficulty in attracting and retaining talent, staying up-to-speed on the latest cybersecurity risks to ensuring recovery of mission-critical data and more... This highly regulated industry struggles to stay compliant. Solutions II solves these problems for the commercial gaming industry by leveraging 100+ years of combined knowledge in the industry and partnering with over 100+ solution providers and manufacturers. Our focus is to ensure your IT environment plays a strategic part in achieving your business goals. We partner with gaming organizations across the United States. Let us help you gain a competitive advantage!

Tribal Gaming

Solutions II understands the unique challenges that affect IT in tribal casinos across the United States. These sovereign entities are essential sources of revenue within their communities. The location of the organization can also be a significant challenge - often in rural areas where attracting and maintaining IT talent can be difficult. Even with these challenges, it is imperative that IT becomes a strategic asset within tribal gaming to help achieve business goals and positively contribute to your tribe and citizens. Solutions II helps bridge the gap between community and casino with proven solutions to ensure next-generation IT architecture.

Gaming Industry Services

Learn more about the services that we offer companies in the Commerical and Tribal Gaming industry.

Solutions II offers our gaming clients exceptional service through our comprehensive services methodology. Our hands-on experience allows us to design, deploy, and manage complex multi-vendor environments. Solutions II works one-on-one with our clients to understand and meet their unique needs, while bringing years of industry expertise to each engagement. We assess environments, conduct impact analyses, and efficiently manage projects, delivering results on time and within budget.
Solutions II provides a comprehensive portfolio of security and networking tools for companies in the gaming industry. Our offerings include vulnerability management, endpoint protection, event dashboards, firewall technologies, and other edge protection solutions. We design our security services to protect mission-critical assets from increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats while saving companies money. We can also provide Managed Services for 24/7/365 monitoring, enabling us to quickly identify, analyze, and assist you in responding to security threats.
Solutions II understands that business continuity is vital to running a successful gaming business. Our Business Continuance practice empowers clients to fully recover their environment, ensure high availability, security, and compliance with current regulations. Whether you require on-site backup infrastructure or are looking to move to a cloud based offering, Solutions II has a portfolio of solutions that will meet your business objectives. We offer Service+Protect, a managed backup and recovery service. Service+Protect provides architecture design, implementation, migration, and support for your data center while focusing on security and maintaining industry regulation compliance. We align business processes with technology to give our clients a competitive edge.
Solutions II shows its gaming clients how to reduce costs by optimizing their data center environments. When you work with us, you can continue to build a solid foundation for future-proofing your data center. We design and build server and storage architectures that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable you to make better use of the information you are storing.
Solutions II provides virtualization solutions that help gaming organizations change the way they deploy and manage resources. Administrators can quickly move workloads from one virtual workspace to another, prioritizing business needs while optimizing servers and maintaining high availability. Our virtualization solutions simplify and accelerate how your IT team responds to changing business requirements. We provide consulting and solution expertise for virtualization on multiple platforms including both Intel and non-Intel based solutions (AIX and System i).