Solutions II and South Seas Corporation

Solutions II and South Seas Corporation

SS_A_Division_of_SIIWe hope you are as excited about this partnership as we are! South Seas Corporation's Information Security / Networking Solutions are the perfect compliment to Solutions II's portfolio (and their team rocks!) Here's a little more information about this exciting news.

Who is South Seas?
​Originally founded in 1992, South Seas Corporation is a leader in delivering IT and Information security / networking solutions that protect IT infrastructure from the core to the network edge. They address administrative issues, including security policy and compliance.

​What is the goal of the acquisition?
Our expectation is to strengthen our offerings and to be able to bring more to our Clients. Solutions II has been actively building networking and security skills and the acquisition of South Seas accelerates that momentum – making this a no-brainer!

Where are they located?
South Seas is located just down the street in Englewood, Colorado. In the near future, they will be moving into the Solutions II headquarters location at 8822 S. Ridgeline Blvd.

Who do I contact?
South Seas Corporation will continue with business as usual as a Division of Solutions II. You will continue to work with your current teams and if you do not have a team, contact us at (800) 245-2156 and we will connect you with the appropriate person.

​For the official announcement, click here! Again, we welcome South Seas to the Solutions II family and look forward to bringing our Clients an even better experience!