Solutions II Business Development Manager Discusses vSphere 5

Solutions II Discusses VMware vSphere 5

April 15, 2011

VMware vSphere 5 will support up to 1 TB of RAM and 32 virtual CPUs per VM, according to a leaked document.

A posting entitled "What's new in vSphere 5.0" appeared last Friday in a Turkish Web forum, with details on the next major release of VMware's server virtualization platform.

The public posting about vSphere 5, which appears to have been copied and pasted from a typical VMware "What's New" page accessible only to authorized users, also suggests that a release candidate hit the market March 31, judging by captured metadata code. John Troyer, VMware's senior social media specialist, responded to tweets calling attention to the posting with a request that they be taken down, saying, "That info is still confidential!" His posting has since been removed, as has the posting with the vSphere 5 details.

New scalability, Auto-Deploy feature Among the enhancements detailed in the document is support for still larger virtual machines (VMs) than were supported in vSphere 4.0 and 4.1 -- up to 32 virtual CPUs per VM, up to 1 TB of RAM per VM, and a new graphical user interface to support provisioning multicore CPUs.

Another detail mentioned in the document is new support for LUNs greater than 2 TB. Brandon Worrell, director of business development for VMware partner Solutions-II in Salt Lake City, Utah, said his customers have been looking for this feature.

"We have some customers with petabytes and petabytes of info, and having to carve everything up in 2-TB chunks is a pain," he said prior to the vSphere 5 documentation leak. There haven't been any indications of licensing changes with vSphere 5, and Worrell and others said they hope it stays that way. "Licensing is still way too painful," said the government CIO on the East Coast. "That and cost are the only reasons I would look at Hyper-V."

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