Solutions II Hits the Mark with CFOs

Solutions II Hits the Mark with CFOs

Solutions II, an Information Technology consultant nationally recognized for world class innovation in Virtualization, Business Continuance, Storage Optimization and the security issues related to these disciplines, continues their commitment to break out of the mold as a traditional IT reseller by focusing on the critical role of the CFO's engagement in successful IT projects.

The first session, "State of the Union", of this eight-part, quarterly series over two years discussed the "Role of the CFO in 2010" and the "Real Cost of IT" essentially giving CFOs insight to coming trends in responsibilities in regards to IT as well as explaining hidden costs associated with in-house versus "out-sourcing" IT resources.

CFO seminar attendees raved over the message of John Callies, former General Manager of IBM Global Financing (IGF). During Mr. Callie's tenure at IGF while managing $34B worth of assets, he waded through the economic hurdles over the past few years which he relates stories of successful positioning. Mr. Callies also explained the juggling act that CFOs must tackle in regards to the trend of managing IT by making finance more efficient as well as provide business insight. The days of CFOs only responsible for fiscal vitality and reporting are long gone, and Mr. Callies explains the importance of CFOs embracing the opportunity of managing IT, implementing metrics for efficiency and enabling valuable contributions to accomplish business goals.

Attendees also praised Warren Turner, Partner of Cardinal Points Group, in regards of the "Real Cost of IT". Mr. Turner's past experience with Arthur Andersen, as a CFO for an IT Distribution Company and extensive independent, industry consulting experience, helped him develop, through much research, a unique, highly impactful model analyzing hidden costs that CFOs need to consider in determining whether to staff in-house talent or outsource to expert resources. By breaking down and comparing all of the hidden costs, CFO attendees are able to obtain better visibility in order to make better decisions in regards to their resources for IT. CFO's anxiously await Part II of this seminar series!

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