Firewall and IDS & IPS

Firewall Assessment and Implementation

Solutions II’s Firewall Services are comprehensive, from essential patches to configuration changes to upgrades. Our process ensures that your firewalls offer protection you can count on. The Solutions II security services will give you the peace of mind you deserve!

When managing a Firewall, the highest possible level of assurance is to be able to know exactly what access is, and is not, allowed throughout your infrastructure. A comprehensive review of all packet-filtering devices in your network is the best mechanism to obtain this level of assurance.

Keep your data, your hardware and your employees safe from unwanted attacks with network firewall implementation services. Our firewall protection services were designed to deliver a complete turnkey solution.


Monitor network traffic and suspicious activity with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Add a layer of visibility with Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Services with a higher degree of efficiency in locating problems and stopping them in their tracks. IPS Services are capable of preventing attacks on the network that might compromise operational security.


  • Configure for superior network visibility, providing IT professionals the ability to see exactly what is running on their networks AND identify threats and vulnerabilities to their networks.
  • Configure to reduce actionable events, allowing IT professionals to focus on immediate threats.
  • Automated approach to protection