Application Services

Solutions II Application Developers deliver solutions with nearly 80 years of combined experience with technical skills to support legacy world-class standards as well as today’s innovation. Solutions II will help you enable your data center to adapt to the diversity of solutions through automation adhering to standards, security, and scalability to meet and exceed business goals. Solutions II developers also work closely with architects and engineers to bolster system performance, helping configure and tune hardware and network resources.

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Solutions II software developers provide modern approaches to legacy architecture with proven concepts and feature-rich tools. Native OS/400 commands and languages deliver the performance and reliability expected from IBM iron, and Solutions II developers use them as advantages to provide solutions and enhancements. Having developed larger software packages to much smaller one-off solutions, even before OS/400 released, Solutions II developers not only know the environment, they know the environments from which it was born. Our developers interrupt RPG code in any flavor, and OS/400 commands are a matter-of-course. Solutions II provides staff augmentation and skills transfer for clients faced with staffing attrition and loss of organizational support for their legacy Power solutions. Managed short-term, long-term and on-demand services are offered by Solutions II to align with their client’s needs and expectations.
Solutions II offers clients direct support from skilled certified application developers to produce an array of on-premise or cloud solutions based on the power and stability of Microsoft .NET Frameworks and Visual Studio SDK extensions. We create solutions to exploit APIs exposed by applications. Client-Server, SOA, endpoint services and consumers are developed by Solutions II to specifications controlled by industry standards as well as client needs. Having been MSDN members since the conception of Microsoft development tools, Solutions II developers have designed, developed and migrated countless solutions for Windows desktop as well as Windows server environments. Our clients are offered choices of cost-effective solutions with technology and language independence.
Skilled developers at Solutions II provide our clients with information retrieval and portability options beyond the capabilities of out-of-box solutions. Businesses have grown their data to more massive scale, value their data as an essential asset and protect it as such. Solutions II developers understand database design and have the experience to safely extract, cleanse, summarize, translate and transport even the most sensitive information.