Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Solutions II’s Managed Cloud solutions offer many outstanding benefits such as scalability, affordability, security, flexibility, and multiple storage options. Depending what your specific needs are will dictate the solution you choose. Our cloud solutions are built to grow with you as your business needs grow. We will right-size your environment for your current needs, but build it in a way that your environment can easily scale and expand.

For more details on the list of services delivered, download our Managed Cloud Hosting Services Catalog!

Built for Ops, but tailored to developers. Our Managed Public Cloud for AWS or Azure combines the flexibility, scalability, and strength of these two leading public cloud platforms. It is critical to find the right managed services partner to optimize your managed public cloud environment while also providing the value of automation to your Dev teams. Our certified experts will design and build a highly-available, public cloud architecture specific to your application requirements and then monitor and adapt your environment as needs evolve.
Private cloud solutions are a compelling choice for organizations that want to take advantage of its unlimited scalability and pooled computing resources. A Managed Private Cloud solution means we’ll help you set up your infrastructure and keep it up to date, while always keeping it secure. Simplify your environment while speeding up your ability to deploy new solutions, isolate your environment and protect your redundancy.
We offer a secure cloud service that meets the stringent requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), developed by the Federal government to help protect information that is meant to be confidential and secure. The FedRAMP-compliant PaaS meets strict government requirements for cloud security and gives you the advantage when it comes to expanding your computing power and streamlining your IT process.
All our Hybrid Cloud solutions include the opportunity to utilize the three main forms of cloud/dedicated resources; hosted in our datacenter, in the Public Cloud (AWS/Azure) or On-Premise at the customer. We can use any blend of the three to provide the right solution for your operations team. We constantly utilize industry leading tools to evaluate your current environment to determine where we can provide cost and performance gains in our solution offering.
In shared multi-tenant environments, the lack of predictable performance of traditional storage presents one of the biggest barriers to delivering business-critical applications from a shared infrastructure. To meet growing performance needs, administrators are often forced to use large cache layers, tiered disk systems or massive amounts of disks in large arrays. Solution II offers a variety of predictable, architecture options to make it affordable to manage and operate at scale.