Other IT Services

Below are other non-categorized IT services that Solutions II provides with the same passion, quality and integrity as we deliver for all other services outlined in this services catalog.

For more details on the list, download our Other IT Services Catalog!

Experienced Chief Information Officer with 15+ years of experience as a CIO and 10+ years experience in IT Consulting works as a short term resource for your organization.
Experienced Senior IT Infrastructure and Operations Leaders review, evaluate, and assess existing Data Center and Service Delivery Capabilities, Processes, and Practices that are in place. Measure actual response time and end user experience. Evaluate optimization alternatives along with future-proofing recommendations for People, Process, and Technology.
Security of sensitive data is becoming one of the most important and challenging initiatives for both small and large businesses alike. The penalties for insufficient protection and destruction of confidential information are substantial, both legally and financially. Solution-II's Data Erasure services protect your company from data loss, data breach, or any other unauthorized use of sensitive data.
Experienced Senior IT Leaders perform a detailed assessment of an organization’s people, process, and technology. The deliverable is an assessment of Enterprise IT Capabilities compared to industry benchmarks. Also included are prioritized recommendations for capabilities development and better alignment with organizational requirements.
Solutions II provides a variety of Microsoft Consulting Services and takes pride in our unique and distinguished personnel who are recognized across the industry for their experience in delivering these services.
  • Business Intelligence (Power BI)
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Dynamics CRM
  • SharePoint and Development