As businesses embrace the digital information age and the diverse tool sets to engage with the community many have found these very tool sets can be a double edged sword with potentially devastating effects. Remember when HBO had sensitive information regarding one of its hottest shows Game of Thrones find its way onto Twitter?? Today businesses have to ensure that the channels with which they operate are as locked down as their data repositories are.

Can you see who was the last person who accessed sensitive data in your enterprise? Who was the last person who changed sensitive information? Who actually has access to these sensitive files? We live in a time where more and more data is at risk. Do you know of the vulnerabilities within your enterprise? What is the cost potentially if your sensitive data becomes compromised? How much information are you giving the dark web through social media? Where’s the line between personal and business social media accounts? It’s time the conversation between partners and clients becomes more open so that companies can protect themselves.


Caution was the first knee jerk reaction as chat rooms and the internet became more accessible for the communities around the globe. People weren’t quite sure what to really put out there or how to engage in these areas. How much has changed, it’s now a playground for those that leverage all that the internet has to offer. If you’re like me you only think of the results displayed in your favorite search engine such as Bing or Google, but for many this area is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The “dark net”, as it is known, is much more vast and unlike the Internet we all know. This is a commerce area where business is booming as criminals set up legitimate alliances and gain access to vast quantities of personal information! There are real monsters looming in the darkness and they are playful and full of deceit. Do you know if you’re on their “hit list”? It’s time to act and protect yourself today! With all that we put on Social media in our personal and business lives we are becoming more and more vulnerable.

The fact remains that criminals who lurk in the dark corners of the dark web likely have more information than they know what to do with. From the finite details of our personal lives with our pictures as well as business and educational information, criminals have all they need to create the identities and gain access to the areas of lives that are most sacred. Are you prepared to fight what lurks in the dark? Solutions II prepares organizations every day, what are you waiting for? Contact us today. 

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