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Why Solutions II?

Partnering with Solutions II gives you the greatest opportunity for a successful project in today’s complex world of IT.

Passion, Integrity, Quality

At Solutions II, we are committed to our clients’ success. We are driven by guaranteeing our clients’ satisfaction and believe that our success follows the success of our clients.

We practice Passion, Integrity, and Quality in everything that we do.

  • “Passion” is our disciplined approach to the effort exerted every day on behalf of our clients and expresses “Teamwork.”
  • “Integrity” is woven throughout our culture and is simply part of our DNA.
  • “Quality” ensures ongoing success for our Clients, Partners, and Teammates and it is exemplified in our results.
  • “Focus on Client Success” is our PROMISE to be responsive, disciplined, consistent, and relevant.
Passion, Integrity, and Quality

Our Process

We evangelize that the “Data Center” is no longer a thing or a location. The Data Center is a set of capabilities that enable desired business outcomes. Our Adaptable Data Center® framework was purpose-built to navigate new trends and technologies to deliver business results while eliminating the risk of obsolescence.

Utilizing the ADC framework, we deliver best-in-class Managed Services, Hybrid Cloud, AI, Security, Containerization, Data Management, Infrastructure and Hybrid Maintenance solutions. The ADC methodology provides simplification and scale to better understand, deliver, and implement disparate and disruptive technologies, such as AI, Security, Hybrid Cloud, Containers and Data Management, while identifying and removing technical debt.

The ADC framework gives our clients clarity about decision making and future direction. With ADC, organizations transform their legacy data center models to “future-ready” digital enterprise models.

Adaptable Data Center Secure

“Security-In-Everything” is a tenet to our ADC Framework from the initial design to a full digital data-center buildout.

Our clients know we add value because we are comfortable enough to say “no” when something is outside our wheelhouse. When we are unable to deliver proven expertise on a service or a solution, we will recommend a technology partner that has the requisite Subject Matter Expert skills. We cut through red tape and manufacturer bias to recommend proven solutions to our clients.

Thought Leadership

As a thought leader in the technology industry, Solutions II hosts regional monthly roundtables with over 150 C-level executives participating from FORTUNE 1000 Companies. We collaborate with C-level leadership and team with IT & Security Leadership to drive success and innovation.

Solutions II partners with and listens to industry experts and the information they share and then balances these ideas with the needs of our clients.

Thought leader in the tech industry

Our Values

Solutions II believes in partnering with accountability. We understand that our work is critical in assisting our clients to address real-world problems, and because of this, we act as a member of your team. We work to align with your desired business outcomes

We value our clients, employees, and partners in an ethical way that reflects honesty and transparency. Our strong work ethic is demonstrated in the way we respond to solve our clients’ problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it is always worth the effort.

It is our nature to go above and beyond to do what’s right for our clients, partners, and employees.

Our Values

Our Culture

At Solutions II, everyone has an opportunity to participate and weigh in. We listen to each other because we trust each other. We have built an amazing team of highly qualified, motivated, and passionate professionals.

We celebrate a ‘roll up your sleeves and go to work’ culture. Hard work and effort pays off for us. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our Clients, Partners, and Employees.

We guarantee our work 100%. If we craft the design, the sourcing, and implementation, then we guarantee it will perform as architected.

Solutions II Culture

Ongoing Training

Ongoing education and skills development is part of our DNA. Our company culture gives everyone the opportunity to succeed and to grow.

Solutions II has built a training program to support employees who have a thirst for knowledge and want to expand and enhance their skills. Our ongoing training program grants achievement badges and certifications in the ADC Framework and other relevant solution skills, giving our clients the highest level of value possible from our employees.

We conduct weekly role-playing exercises and testing for everyone, keeping our skills and experience levels current and relevant. We have been recognized globally and nationally for innovative and successful projects due in large part to our commitment to ongoing training and education.

Ongoing IT Training

Community Involvement

At Solutions II, we are open to helping with as many charitable endeavors as possible. We involve our employees in selecting philanthropic organizations or individuals to support that are important to them.

We support our employees in engaging with charities or charitable activities they are passionate about by offering volunteer days for philanthropic events. We love to host contests and match company donations to employee charities of choice. Our employees have the most significant voice in enabling Solutions II to contribute to causes they care about.

Community Involvement

Solutions II by the Numbers

  • 50+

    Organizations benefited from employee volunteer hours

  • 8+

    Countries visited by our employees during their sabbatical

  • 400+

    We hold 400+ certifications with over 50 partners


  • CRNMSP500Security100
  • BeaconAwardWinner-1-1
  • ColoradoBizTop200Private_Purple
  • G&LWinner
  • CRNTechElite250_Purple_2022

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