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Healthcare Industry and Digital Transformation

Selecting a technology partner is as critical as providing quality care, both should be based on outcome-based success. Solutions II understands that constant demand, financial pressures, technology changes and regulation you face daily.

Optimize Your Data Center for Healthcare

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Our Process

Our process, the Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) secure framework for change, was based on years of industry experience. Our framework combined with our expertise allows us to guarantee outcomes.

Areas of Focus

Technology Infrastructures: Our skills include:

  • Creating Digital Foundations
  • Developing Reference Architectures
  • Integrating Core Infrastructure Technologies
  • Designing, Deploying, and Managing Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Delivering Flexible Capacity Models
  • Consolidating and Optimizing Security and Management Tools

Our team deploys either on-prem or in the Cloud

Security: We believe investing in platforms that integrate with other core technology is the way to ensure you help alleviate a skills gap or staff shortage. Our Healthcare Security Risk Assessment comprises three essential components:

  • HIPAA/HITECH Gap Assessment
  • ePHI Data Flow Analysis
  • Technical Security Evaluation

Data-Driven: Healthcare organizations are gathering more data than ever before, and that data is growing exponentially. Solutions II helps IT Leaders successfully derive value through:

  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection
  • Data Security
  • Data Insight
  • Resources Availability

IT resources are challenging to find and retain. The pace of technology change in Healthcare IT requires new skills, including IoT and IT. To help, we offer:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training
  • Project-Based Services
  • Managed Services
  • Security Managed Services

Tailor Technology Solutions to the Demands of Healthcare

Assess your current technology environment and security strategy and find out how our ADC framework can reduce risk, technical debt, and costs.

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