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Solutions II cares about our employees, so we do everything we can to support them. We treat employees like family.

Employee Benefits

As part of our employee benefits, we give our team members paid sabbatical time. This is our way of giving employees time to decompress and clear their heads. Everyone at the company, not just in sales but also in services and administration, gets taken on a trip as a reward for their dedication and integrity.

Our healthcare insurance offering has options for complete coverage at a very low cost. Solutions II also contributes money to a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) to offset medical expenses.

We provide a 401k percentage match to help our employees save more for retirement.

Employees Benefits at Solutions II

Ongoing Education

Solutions II gives every employee the tools needed to succeed and grow. We have developed an internal training program to support employees with a thirst for knowledge who want to take classes to expand their abilities. Our ongoing training program awards badges and certifications in Adaptable Data Center and other relevant skills that help our employees grow.

Ongoing IT education and training

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