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Managed Backup And Recovery

Secure and Scalable

Solutions II’s Backup and Recovery services allow you to modernize and automate your legacy backup strategy no matter where it resides by providing secure, scalable, and immutable solutions that meet your organization’s recovery, compliance, security, and restore requirements. We offer a wide range of data protection options and tools from on-premise; to seamless cloud integrations which protect your data, ensure availability, combat ransomware, and provide a secure and orchestrated recovery. Protecting your data is our priority and often your last line of defense.

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Benefits of Managed Backup and Recovery

  • Simplify and reduce admin times up to 90% through automation
  • Recover Instantly by delivering near-zero RTO’s
  • Lower total cost of ownership by 30-50% compared to legacy solutions
  • Efficient Consolidation of Data through Comprehensive and Effective Deduplication
  • Substantially Increase Speed of Backups
  • Improved data security and simplified management
  • Reduce legal liability while improving your security posture

Solutions II’s secure ADC framework for backup & recovery enables our clients to increase their IT team’s productivity and strengthen their compliance and security postures while lowering their total costs. Providing a secure, managed, proven, and purpose-built roadmap allows our clients to spend more time on what’s most important to their business; strategic initiatives, digital transformation, optimizing employee resources, and focusing on their primary company mission. Our solutions allow our clients to advance their data initiatives by modernizing, automating, securing, and simplifying their backup and recovery platforms.

Services Offered

  • Backup and Recovery Assessments
  • Accelerated Cloud and Hyper Visor integrations,
  • Analysis, Design, Documentation, and Implementation
  • Performance, Capacity Planning & Replication
  • Disaster Recovery

Ensure Your Company’s Resiliency

Meet with one of our backup and recovery experts and receive a proposal for managed data protection. We can help you protect your critical data and ensure availability.

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