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Data Center

Overcoming Data Center Challenges

Is your company accumulating technical debt? Is legacy infrastructure holding your company back and creating data silos? Have data growth and the extension of the IT environment exposed your company to new security risks? Has your data center become a cost center instead of an agile means for achieving business goals?

Solutions II can help your company overcome these challenges using our Adaptable Data Center® secure framework for change.

Achieve Enterprise-Level Data Center

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Adaptable Data Center®: Agile, Scalable, Protected, Secure

The Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) secure framework guides the data center’s move from a legacy operational “cost center” to an agile, strategic resource within the organization. Getting started couldn’t be easier. Our decades of experience help Solutions II create a proven and uniquely tailored plan to adapt your current environment to meet your enterprise needs and business objectives.

Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) is a methodology that helps to identify technical debt and create a future-state vision. ADC then becomes a framework for change that ensures your next project or investment is a step toward this vision, effectively managing the risk of obsolescence.

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Strategic Guidelines for ADC

As part of the ADC, we help your company develop a proactive cloud strategy, modernize, automate, and extend your data center to the edge. Our framework removes complexity and future-proofs your technology investments. Data center solutions can be delivered “as a service.” With ADC, your organization can handle data quickly to achieve actionable business insights, as well as control spending to prevent your data center from becoming a cost center.

ADC Outcomes

Solutions II designs the roadmap toward an agile data center based on your desired business outcomes. These outcomes include:

  • Meeting/Exceeding Service Levels
    Enhancing the end-user experience, including response time, availability and reliability
  • Agility and Scalability of the Environment
    Being prepared for the expected changes and flexible for the unexpected ones
  • Security and Compliance
    Aligning the new Service Delivery Models with security and compliance
  • Data Protection
    Protecting data and digital assets against loss or damage, along with the ability to quickly recover
  • Optimization of Spend
    Understanding the cost of applications and services delivered to your end-users with defined “cost to serve”

Why Partner with Solutions II for Data Center

Solutions II used our experience helping companies transform their data centers to develop our unique Adaptable Data Center® secure framework for change. We have designed ADC to solve for problems that our clients experience that prevent them from keeping ahead of the curve, particularly technical debt and cost containment.

ADC is:

  • A Secure Framework for Change
  • Future Proof
  • Data Focused and Secure
  • Roadmap to Where You Want to Go, Not Where We Want You to Go

With ADC, your company can reduce technical debt and set up a desired and optimized architectural foundation.

We have invested in the future of ADC by building an internal ADC certification training program for our employees so they can give our clients the best service possible.

See How Our Proven Data Center Framework Delivers Results

If your business is experiencing difficulties with cost containment and technical debt, meet with our ADC experts and walk away with a framework for change.

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