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Data Management And Storage

Overcoming Data Management and Storage Challenges

Is the rate of data growth taxing your storage resources and data management capabilities? Are your backup and recovery tools able to scale to meet increasing demands? Do you have the data compliance and security capabilities to handle the complexity of today’s cloud environments? Do you have a single source of truth for your company’s data?

Solutions II has developed an approach to help clients like you architect a fabric of Data Management capabilities designed to scale with data growth and effectively manage across a hybrid cloud.

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Data Compliance, Security, and Resilience

At Solutions II, we see data sprawl creating problems for virtually all our clients. We conduct assessments and workshops to help your organization create holistic data management strategies for security, compliance, and resilience.

One of our core competencies is helping clients modernize their backup and recovery platform to achieve optimal RTOs and RPOs. Solutions II can update your compliance processes for sensitive data sets. We use data integration to allow companies to organize enterprise data in a way that enables better insights and more business value.

Data Management and Storage Approaches and Outcomes

Solutions II identifies and targets key data management and storage pain points to reach desired outcomes.

Data Resiliency
  • Simple and turnkey administration
  • RPO and RTO that meet business needs (going from hours to minutes)
  • Protected: Immutable backup
Storage: Data Architecture
  • Clear storage capacity management plan
  • Data Architecture with storage “service level” options for cost and speed of access
  • Common set of Security Technology Capabilities for on-premises and cloud
  • Greater integration across Security Solutions
  • Optimized enterprise risk profile
  • Common set of Compliance technologies and processes across on-premises and cloud environments
  • Compliance risk profile optimized for business requirements
  • Integration of all necessary data sources into accessible and centralized repository
  • Single source of truth with 360-degree views of critical data elements, such as a 360-degree view of the customer

Why Partner With Solutions II for Data Management and Storage

Solutions II has developed our unique Adaptable Data Center framework with enterprise data management capabilities. Our framework contains costs and reduces technical debt while empowering your company to manage, protect, and store today’s huge data volumes.

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