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Infrastructure Solutions

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

Do you find your organization’s strategy to be infrastructure-focused, or has it evolved to more of a data and applications-focused perspective? Is your company experiencing unscheduled downtime? Are you struggling the meet your RTOs and RPOs? Are you lacking a robust disaster recovery plan?

Solutions II can help your business develop a framework for building an IT infrastructure that achieves seamless business continuity through optimal backup and disaster recovery while meeting the needs of today’s data volumes and advanced applications.

Improve Your Infrastructure Resiliency

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Infrastructure Resiliency

Solutions II will work with your organization to build an IT infrastructure that protects data from being lost or compromised and avoids costly downtime episodes that interrupt production and erode client trust. Customers and clients expect high levels of availability from your company. Solutions II provides backup and disaster recovery solutions that help your company avoid and bounce back from traumatic incidents.


Solutions II can analyze your network’s performance and stability, its strengths and weaknesses, and obstacles to achieving optimal performance. Our engineers have years of expertise in planning and designing network solutions that are proven, tested, and reliable. Prior to implementation, our engineers have fully verified and tested your network solution to ensure that it still meets all of your business objectives.

Benefits to our infrastructure networking solutions include:

  • Clear Understanding of Whether the Current Design, Architecture and Network Performance Meets Business Requirements
  • Provides Sound Recommendations on How to Overcome Network Issues
  • Clear Plan for Moving Forward
  • Recorded, In-Depth Analysis of the Existing Network Infrastructure for Future Reference
  • Improved the Network Performance Services
  • Network Analysis, Design, Documentation, and Implementation
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Security

Business Continuity

Solutions II Backup and Recovery services provide secure, scalable, and efficient solutions that meet your organization’s compliance requirements. We offer a wide range of data protection options that protect your critical data and ensure availability, including on-premises and cloud solutions.

  • Efficient Consolidation of Data Through Comprehensive and Effective Deduplication
  • Substantially Increased Backup Speeds
  • Reliable Protection of Mission-Critical Data
  • Simplified Management
  • Improved Security
  • Legal and Business Requirements Compliance
Services Offered
  • Backup and Recovery Assessments
  • Analysis, Design, Documentation, and Implementation
  • Performance Capacity Planning
  • Replication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Backup

Virtualization and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

To accommodate data sprawl, today’s infrastructures must be agile and scalable. Virtualization allows your company to get more out of your server resources for a more efficient infrastructure. With virtualization, multiple operating systems can be run on a single server, reducing the amount of servers needed to accommodate your workloads.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a way to modernize your infrastructure in a highly scalable and easy to manage way. Pre-configured and pre-tested building blocks of storage, compute, and networking empower your company to scale from a couple of nodes to hundreds to meet changing capacity and performance needs.

Why Partner With Solutions II for Infrastructure Solutions

Solutions II takes a consultative approach to designing and architecting infrastructure solutions. We can assess your current infrastructure and develop a road map to optimization that includes data center, backup and recovery, network, security, and cloud solutions. You can also take advantage of our Adaptable Data Center® secure framework.

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