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Are Your Backups Becoming Squirrelly?

By Solutions II

About 2 minutes
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Are Your Backups Becoming Squirrelly?

Posted by Solutions II on Mar 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The Cost of Business Interruptions

Backups Becoming SquirrellyIn the past two years, over 50 percent of businesses experienced an unforeseen interruption. The vast majority (81%) of these interruptions caused the business to be closed one or more days. 80% of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business in three years, while 40% of businesses that experience a critical IT failure go out of business within one year.* Are you confident that your critical data backups are complete and will be easily restored to get back to business as usual?

With the cost, sophistication, and complexity of cyber-attacks on the rise, preventing, detecting, and responding to advanced persistent threats is one of the greatest challenges today!

Dependable Backups, Every Time

Protecting your data and ensuring the integrity of back-ups is becoming more essential and vital to business profitability and business image. A secure backup and recovery managed service such as Service+Protect, provides dependable backups, every time. This solves critical challenges common to every business:

  • Exponential Data Growth
  • Maintaining IT Expertise
  • Staying in Compliance
  • Tackling Challenges Brought by New Technologies
  • Remote and/or Global Requirements

Take the next step and reduce risk in your business with an assessment. Not ready for an assessment? No problem, check out this eBook on how Managed Services are helping businesses every day.

*Pivotal IT - 10 Backup and Disaster Recovery Statistics You Must Know

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Date: Mar 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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