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Solve the Problem of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Posted by Solutions II on Mar 2, 2023 7:01:20 AM

Solutions II, an award-winning Solution Provider specializing in Security, IT Managed Services, Hybrid Cloud, Data Management, Infrastructure, and Hybrid Maintenance solutions, is launching ASM (Attack Surface Management) Illuminate as a next-level service to protect your organization from a cyberattack.


This service aims to solve a key organizational problem for companies that lack the people, expertise, money, and time it takes to manage a cybersecurity program to protect their assets from cyber-attackers who have unlimited resources.

Why this Matters

“Operational resiliency is crucial for organizations, and debilitating cyber-attacks are only getting more organized, complex, and difficult to detect,” said Jason Norred, Solutions II Chief Information Security Officer. “In my 25+ years in the industry, I’ve never seen organizations more at risk because of the ever-expanding attack surface. ASM Illuminate is a game-changer for companies that are looking to have a team of highly qualified security experts to unify the attack surface view to bolster their security posture.”

The Attack Surface is traditionally defined as an outside-in view of how an attacker would see its target. This surface has expanded exponentially over the years due to organizations moving to the cloud, a workforce that has gone remote, and broader utilization of 3rd party service providers. ASM Illuminate addresses this new reality by identifying a wider range of known and unknown assets and vulnerabilities that are now part of the new landscape.

This new Solutions II service will provide a unified view of an organization’s assets and the risk they pose to the organization. ASM Illuminate discovers, assesses, and answers comprehensively with clarity an organization’s device security posture. Solutions II not only determines which organizational assets are not being assessed for vulnerabilities but will also identify assets with both critical exploitable vulnerabilities and missing an organization’s defined standard security controls. ASM Illuminate shines a light on the hidden risk across an organization’s attack surface. This goes beyond traditional asset management and vulnerability assessments to give you a deeper assessment of the real-world risk that your assets pose to your organization and increase the ROI on an organization’s existing security investments.

Find out more about ASM Illuminate 

See the Official Press Announcement

Topics: Ransomware, Security Breach, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity

Date: Mar 2, 2023 7:01:20 AM

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