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Benchmarking 2024 Generative AI Plans

Posted by John Wondolowski on Feb 22, 2024 10:00:00 AM
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100 Senior IT Executives attended our January 2024 Kick-Off Roundtable. This is a group we started more than ten years ago that meets monthly for an hour via Video Conference and focuses on key relevant topics. This Roundtable focused on Generative AI. Each month, we poll our attendees on current topics and trends to build a monthly resource for our members. One of the topics that we polled in that meeting was ‘Which of areas are in your 2024 Plans for Generative AI?’.

Generative AI

In general, we found that while the speed of relevance for Generative AI is increasing, most IT Leaders are still in the planning stages. A growing minority, however, are planning to implement Generative AI in 2024.

In the area of ‘planning’, the most popular answer was ‘Develop AI usage guidelines’ as 42% of the Roundtable attendees cited this as part of their 2024 plans. Similarly, 27% said they were planning to ‘Create an AI Council for ongoing governance.’ 37% said that they are going to ‘Begin identifying and testing/piloting use cases.’

In the area of ‘implementation’, 27% indicated that they will ‘Implement a commercial Gen AI Application’ in 2024. While 12% said that they will ‘Implement our own purpose-built Gen AI Application’ this year.

There were still 15% of the IT Leaders who have no current plans for Generative AI in 2024.

For those who are planning and/or implementing, 23% will ‘Develop and Implement an education program around AI usage.’ 21% will ‘Design/Implement Data Management Strategies’ this year.

Trying to put a perspective on Generative AI adoption, the pace of this technology’s move through awareness to planning to adoption across Enterprise IT has been unprecedented. Among so many fundamentals that need to be in place to take advantage of this new technology, we point to Enterprise Data Management, Governance, and Strategy as the critical success factors for IT Executives.

The graphics showing all of the results from our CIO/CISO Roundtable January Meeting are available upon request. Our IT Executive Roundtables are no-cost and available to Senior IT Leaders who want to learn and build their professional networks.

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Topics: IT Industry, IT Executive Roundtable, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT executive insights

Date: Feb 22, 2024 10:00:00 AM

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