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An Evolved Version of Managed Services Can be a Game Changer for Optimizing the Cloud Environment.

Posted by Colin Day on Oct 12, 2023 1:16:53 PM

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, businesses increasingly turn to cloud computing for its benefits. However, these advantages often come with a significant challenge: the cloud skills gap.


Most organizations lack the necessary expertise to manage and optimize their cloud environments effectively. That's where an evolved form of managed services is an advantage, providing the requisite scalable talent and resources to help businesses manage and navigate the most critical dimensions that need to be addressed in any cloud environment. 

These dimensions Include: 

Continuous and comprehensive security in everything

Security is one of the most significant concerns regarding cloud computing. All our managed service teams include experts who provide round-the-clock monitoring, threat detection, and disaster recovery. We add continuous monitoring layer to address the threat of hidden assets to identify and mitigate hidden assets that pose security threats. Our team of experts can develop and implement strategies that protect an organization's sensitive data, applications, and networks. With managed services, businesses can be sure their cloud environment is monitored continuously, all assets meet the security posture, and are improved as conditions change to help prevent cyberattacks.

Improved Performance 

With our Managed services expertise, we can help organizations improve their cloud environment's performance. With proactive monitoring, issues are identified before they become critical. Managed services provide real-time diagnostics that address performance issues quickly, ensuring that the environment runs optimally so organizations can focus resources on more value-added tasks. 

Managed services can close the skills gap to successfully navigate all the critical dimensions required in the cloud environment.

Reduced Downtime 

Downtime is one of the most significant and costly issues that businesses experience. When systems go down, it can cause considerable financial and reputational damage. Our Managed services help the cloud environment stay up and running with minimal downtime. Our experts can detect and diagnose issues well before they escalate, ensuring that the environment continuously remains online and available.

Maintain Cost Benefits

Cloud environments can reduce debt, but only if correctly managed; it is essential that your spend is optimized on an ongoing basis. As part of our managed services offering, we provide regular cloud architecture reviews looking for outdated or inefficient configs or legacy components that can be optimized; we continually analyze cost structure, implement automation, streamline repetitive tasks, and provide governance as just a few examples in maintaining the cost benefits.

Our Evolved Managed Services can help IT leaders better manage their cloud environment by integrating all critical dimensions, improving security, performance, and uptime while reducing technical debt. With evolved managed services, businesses can focus on their core strengths while leveraging the cloud's benefits. The experts on the managed services team can provide guidance and insight, helping organizations stay on top of their cloud environment's management. It is becoming increasingly apparent that as cloud adoption grows, more businesses will turn to managed services to maximize their cloud investment.

Topics: Cloud, Managed Services, Next Generation IT, Data Center, Digital Transformation

Date: Oct 12, 2023 1:16:53 PM

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