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Results That Matter: A Look at a Client's Success!

By Solutions II

About 2 minutes
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Results That Matter: A Look at a Client's Success!

Posted by Solutions II on Nov 5, 2012 5:16:31 AM

Here’s a quick follow up to the hospital in the midst of changing their backup environment:

90 days into the conversion, 38% of the servers have been migrated to the new backup software. The backup infrastructure went from 3 backup servers to 7 backup servers. Senior management has also mandated that all of the remaining servers be migrated before the end of the current calendar year, along with all of the archive data in the environment. This adds a significant amount of pressure on the existing IT staff to work long hours and weekends.

The current risk at the hospital is employee burn-out and potential staff turnover.  One way senior management is addressing this concern is by leveraging outside consultants to perform the data migrations to minimize the risk of not meeting the deadline established for the project. The outsourced consultants where not factored in to the overall cost of the solution.  Senior management is now trying to secure funding from other projects to ensure this project is complete.Here is a list of questions that are often overlooked! If you are unable to answer all of them, it might be time to hire an expert:

  • What other projects might be at risk if we under estimate the total budget allocation?
  • Is this project in alignment with our business goals?
  • Does the IT staff have the required time to complete this project?
  • Are other projects at risk if the project timeline slips or misses key milestones?
  • What additional costs will I incur if we don’t meet the project timeline?
  • Will my employees burn-out or be less productive? What does that cost the organization?
  • What features does the new software provide that my current software does not provide?
  • Can I upgrade my current software to gain the features that I need?

If you are thinking of changing backup software, comment to our experts below with the questions that are on your mind! If you've already changed backup softwares, comment with additional considerations that came up during your transfer. ALso be sure to learn more about our security services with our Service+Protect package.

Topics: Security

Date: Nov 5, 2012 5:16:31 AM

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