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Is Your Backup Data Secure?

By Solutions II

About 2 minutes
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Is Your Backup Data Secure?

Posted by Solutions II on May 4, 2016 1:00:42 AM

With all the focus on hackers today it’s easy to forget that backup data can provide much of the information that hackers are after.  It’s very possible to have a large security gap when tapes are shipping off site. Many backup products are nothing more than automated copy. The data on the tape could be read with systems utilities. How many stories have we heard about tapes “falling off the truck” and exposing critical data?

So Many Questions When Encrypting Data

Encryption can now be used to protect all of that data on tape. Are you encrypting your data? What about backup sent to the cloud? Where do you keep the keys and who has access? How do you control the authorization of the people who access the keys? If any of those people change positions or leave your organization, do you change your access codes?  Do you de-provision them automatically?  Do you verify that they no longer have access? Do you track when keys are accessed and by whom?  Would you pass a security audit? It’s a lot of questions that many organizations may not be able to answer!

Backup is More thank Moving Data

The point is that backup is more than moving data from one place to another. Backup is a critical business process that needs the same level of security as your personnel system. In fact, your backup likely has your personnel files, customer records, accounting data, and company confidential information all in one place.  What if someone hacks your backup files?

Secure Data Protection

Solutions II provides data protection AND security solutions to address these questions.  For more information download our Managed Services eBook or visit us at Service+Protect to see your options for secure data protection. Be an organization that is “performing ahead of the curve.”

Topics: Business Continuity, Managed Services, Security

Date: May 4, 2016 1:00:42 AM

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