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The Zero Trust Security Model

Posted by Jason Norred on Jun 30, 2022 2:59:28 PM
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Evolving your security model to align with the shifting landscape of business operations.


A majority of cybercrime CAN be prevented. The threat landscape and attackers continue to evolve to take advantage of users and organizations that are changing due to consumer pressure, digital transformation, supply chain constraints, remote workforce, and more. Our security model must evolve to align with the shifting landscape of business operations. 

In the recent article from IBM, “Zero Trust: Follow a Model, Not a Tool,” the concept of a zero-trust model is introduced and discussed as a security model instead of as a tool or technology. At its simplest definition, a zero-trust model can be described as “Zero trust ensures verification and authorization for every device, every application and every user gaining access to every resource.” This definition can be further expanded to state EVERY time. This model of zero-trust can help prevent cybercrime by requiring verification and authorization of every resource every time.

Moving from a security model focused on traditional castle walls and moats around the perimeter to a model of a fluid perimeter (or no perimeter) is not trivial, but if the model is adopted, it can be built over time. It’s a mindset shift versus a technology shift. 

Solutions II also helps you avoid complications through a secure framework for change called the Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) that simplifies the complexity while decreasing technical debt with IT investments. The ADC framework takes security into consideration and all of your priorities and creates an actionable roadmap to take you from your current state to your future state. This can be a game-changer not only in your security approach to 2021 but in all of your IT priorities. 

For more information, view the full IBM article on Zero Trust.

Topics: Security, Cybersecurity, Adaptable Data Center®, Digital Transformation, zero trust

Date: Jun 30, 2022 2:59:28 PM

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