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Cloud Computing: Post-Adoption Challenges

By John Wondolowski

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Cloud Computing: Post-Adoption Challenges

Posted by John Wondolowski on May 22, 2019 1:00:33 AM
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Solutions II Blog Challenges of Cloud ComputingA recent survey done by RightScale* identifies the challenges that IT Leaders are facing after adopting Cloud Computing. There are seven challenges listed. Each one of the obstacles was cited by 72% or more of the Enterprise IT Leaders and 60% or more of the SMB IT Leaders.

Rightscale Chart Listing Cloud Challenges by Size

Challenges of Cloud Computing

For many Cloud Adopters, the idea that cloud computing would be a less expensive alternative to On-Premise Data Centers has become a myth. Managing cloud spend is the top challenge for Enterprise IT Leaders with 84% calling it their number one concern. The combination of Governance, Security, and Compliance is a collection of significant challenges for both Enterprise and SMB IT Leaders. Extending existing Security and Compliance policies, technologies, and capabilities to cloud computing has proven to be complicated. In many cases, the technology solutions used for traditional service delivery models cannot be easily or effectively extended to Infrastructure as a Service or Software as a Service.

From a workforce and skills perspective, the combination of lack of resources/expertise, management of multi-cloud platforms, and cloud migration capabilities is also a significant pain point for Enterprise IT and SMB IT. As more companies gain practical experience building and managing a hybrid cloud environment, we all are gaining insights into the pain points and challenges that need to be successfully navigated by IT Leaders. In the current environment, a potential solution for any IT Leader who is experiencing or does not want to experience these challenges is a qualified and experienced partner for moving through a successful cloud journey.

Overcoming the Challenges of Cloud Computing

A partner like Solutions II works with hundreds of clients across all geographies, industries, and stages of maturity in integrating Cloud Computing into their Data Center Strategy. Through these experiences, we have developed a framework, The Adaptable Data Center®, for seamlessly integrating Cloud Computing with proper cost modeling, cost optimization, governance, security, and skills development. With the Adaptable Data Center®, we help our clients move precisely to the stage of maturity that they desire – and we help solve for the challenges identified in the RightScale survey. Our Framework does not apply a prescriptive approach to a generic end state but rather a focused roadmap. A roadmap that is designed to help our client achieve their desired business outcomes. We would say that when it comes to Cloud Computing we “know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two” (but some other company is already using that line on their commercials). For more information about The Adaptable Data Center®, contact us at info@solutions-ii.com.

*Rightscale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera

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Date: May 22, 2019 1:00:33 AM

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